Generations of talent

My mum is one of the greatest cooks I know. She is a fantastic baker who can prepare savoury and sweet dishes that are the best I have ever tasted, and to this day, I haven’t met anyone who could surpass her. Her talent in the kitchen inspired me as a kid, and through the years of watching her prepare the best pies, pastries, cakes and puddings/desserts skillfully, I realised that I had inherited her love and passion for cooking.

Through the years, I developed my culinary skills by baking just like mum had taught me. I loved cooking and baking all kinds of treats, savoury or otherwise, but I especially enjoy baking and decorated sweet treats such as cakes, brownies and cookies. By experimenting, baking and decorating multiple samples, I came to be fully adept in this beautiful art. My love for these confections leads me to experiment and master delicious and mouth-watering recipes for the ultimate chocolate chip cookies and the best gooey chocolate brownies.  

Following in mum and my footsteps, my younger daughter Ceiarra has taken to love baking as well. By watching and learning, I have to proudly conclude that she is incredibly talented and can bake like no other! Here are some of the fantastic things she has made so far…

Although Ceiarra is the only one of my children who shares my passion for baking, I will not forget to appreciate my husband for his fantastic support in creating and building up our website. I would also like to thank my eldest daughter for her artistic eye and photographic skill. My wonderful little boy for always devouring the dishes with an incredible amount of excitement!

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